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Daphne. Nick Name: Bella






December 22

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Bellatrixs99 is a Builder in the MC Badlands who is not on very much, only on for a few minutes at a time. She has a house made of jungle wood in Wautoma. She loves her town and will never leave, so don't ask her to switch to a town. Bellatrixs99 is a very nice, and energetic person. She she thinks herself a valley girl so she says "like" and "omg" like a lot.

She does lots of dirty work for people to get some money, usually minimum wage. Bellatrixs99 does not yet have a title in Wautoma. For now, she is a friendly neighbor. Bellatrixs99 loves to talk, so please, say hi to her! Bellatrixs99, used to live in Avalost until her big step-sister gasparic104 made a town named Wautoma, then gasparic104 made a house for her to live in.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "Life is too short to be organized"

Server ContributionsEdit

Notable BansEdit


  • Bellatrixs99 is gasparic104's little step-sister.
  • Bellatrixs99 knows price660 in real life.
  • Bellatrixs99 moved to Avalost because she was invited to and she wanted to move there.
  • Bellatrixs99 loves to listen to music, sleep, and eat.
  • Bellatrixs99 is currently inactive.

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