2011-06-21 16.10.26

The original "gym sock" NPC stood here, on the left end of the rule board platform.

The phrase "Cordestian smells like a dirty gym sock" was first popularized in the Original Badlands. During this era, AndyFox42 was testing a plugin that created NPC's which could talk to

The "strategically placed NPC" stood on the grass seen directly in front of Cordestian's statue in this picture.

players. While creating a variety of NPC's that provided useful information around the original spawn, he also threw in a few that said random stuff. One of them, "Badlands Bart," made this comment about Cordestian (who was still known as liberatus20 at that time.)

"Cordestian smells like a dirty gym sock" became a somewhat viral phrase. It was added as a Badlands Tip. When the Spawn Plaza was created, featuring statues of the three admins including Cordestian, the phrase was again uttered by a strategically placed NPC.