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Aerial view of Danville and The Iron Ball in the background.

Founded on

July 29, 2011

Founded by





27, 76, -19







Danville was a very small city located in the middle of Downtown. It was founded by Docithe for several reasons, the first of which was that Docithe wanted to create a sewer system that connected to each house. This sewer system was successfully made, and was still operable until the day of the map change. Another reason for the creation of Danville was to provide an up-scale building environment right beside Downtown. Although Danville was small and never really flourished, the houses that were built were required to have style, rather than having a cubic appearance.


  • Although there is no hospital inside of Danville, the Badlands Medical Center was located across the street.
  • Danville is named after Docithe, whose real name is "Daniel".
  • Danville failed overall, and most of its houses were for sale by their respective owners.
  • Although the city overall failed, Docithe still considers it a success because he completed his sewer system and connected it to every home.
  • Before the sewer area was locked, it was often much to Docithe's frustration to have to open/close the valves correctly after people played with them.
  • On August 14, 2011, two of the houses in Danville were griefed badly, but they were repaired within 4 hours.
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Screenshot of the Danville sewer system from above.

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Picture of the inner workings of the sewer system.