Derpy Bird is a new, custom-made item on the MC Badlands. It is the first permanent custom item on the server. The idea was thought up Eldergroan, who then made the drawing that was used for Derpy bird. It is available to all players that play using Spoutcraft. The model to Spoutcraft players is a small bright green bird with eyes looking in 2 opposite directions. To non-Spoutcraft players, it looks like a piece of flint. When left clicked into open space, it plays a custom recorded sound file of Andy saying the word derp.


While currently it doesnt have any crafting recipes, Andy has confirmed that there are more "Derpy-" items on the way. Currently, Derpy Birds are planned to be able to be crafted into Derpy Wool and along with some bread, Derpy Birds will be able to be crafted to make a Derpy Bird Sandwich. These also appear as flint to those that don't have/use SpoutCraft.