Docithe's 11 Challenge
2011-10-16 19.38.50
The D11 Bank.

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Docithe's Eleven Challenge is a server Mini-Game created by Docithe. It is a heist-style challenge where a contestant attempts to break in to a location, retrieve two secret items, and leave without detection. The contestant is vying against a time limit, security, and a lack of resources, which makes the challenge difficult. The reward of completing the challenge is the items in the vault, as well as a forum badge.

History of the ChallengeEdit

The first challenge was focused on a bank heist. The object was to attempt to break in to a secure bank to retrieve both the treasure in the vault and the "account numbers" of other account holders. The contestant had to evade two guards in order to achieve these goals.


  • No killing guards.
  • The contestants begin with no items at a certain distance from the challenge area.
  • Complete the objectives without being detected.
  • Complete the objectives within the time limit (20:00 minutes).
  • No destroying blocks to enter the building.
  • No VIP/Moderator/Admin powers allowed, including flying, compassing, and item spawning.
  • Work completely alone.


  • The challenge originated as a recreation of Docithe's most fantastic greifing of a bank vault.
  • Feckyeslife helped to design and create the first challenge arena.
  • The first challenge arena was nicknamed "D11 Bank" by Feckyeslife
  • The name "Docithe's Eleven Challenge" is a movie reference to the heist film "Ocean's Eleven."