Docithe's Jail for Annoyances
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July 20, 2011

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Docithe's Jail for Annoyances was created by Docithe when the Oceana Prison was having problems. The purpose of Docithe's jail was to create the most unpleasant experience possible for a player without being torturous.

Cell FeaturesEdit

Each of the six jail cells forced the inmate to be in flowing water constantly, while walking on soul sand. In addition, there was only one small window at the top of the cell which could not be clearly seen through, and it could be covered at the discretion of the public by a piston system.


  • Since the advent of other jails, Docithe's Jail for Annoyances was only used for players that committed very bad crimes/rule violations.
  • The cells were the smallest possible size for a jail cell, and had the least amount of light possible that still kept monsters out.
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Interior of Docithe's Jail for Annoyances in the room where you can see into all the cells.

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Interior of a jail cell at Docithe's Jail for Annoyances.