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Eldergroan was an Administrator in the MC Badlands who is usually online at nighttime (CST US). While not an avid builder of epic structures, Eldergroan does spend time gathering resources and accumulating "stuff" .

Somewhere far out in the Badlands, Eldergroan has adopted a new testificate village named New Arcana. There he is expanding the village and building improvements to make his villager people safe and happy. His first house is now lost to the aether of the past, so he built a new little square house from which to rule in benevolence.

As a self proclaimed old person, Eldergroan can sometimes be seen uttering esoteric references to outmoded pop-culture, movies, literature, music, and even history. Any confusion resulting from Eldergroan's statements is probably inconsequential and usually intended.

At the dawn of 2013 after a long term of service, Eldergroan retired from staff in good standing to return to the life of a citizen once more.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "That sounds ominous..."

Server ContributionsEdit

Notable BansEdit


  • Eldergroan was promoted to the Administrator position after many months of service as Moderator.
  • According to Anyfox42, the help message "Creepers can't break blocks, but they can break you!" was inspired by a chat message from Eldergroan.

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