Frontal picture of feckyeslife.

MC Name




Real Name

Sarah Unknown






September 26, Unknown

Notable Works


Mayor of The Mushroom Kingdom

Joined Server

June 25, 2011

Feckyeslife joined the server soon after it was started and became a Moderator soon after. Since then, Feck was one of a few Moderators who has retained the "Moderator" title for more than a month. On January 17,2012, she was promoted to the rank of Administrator after a trial period of four days. She enjoys helping out new people, although she gets frustrated when guests log off right after she says "Welcome!"

She enjoys Pokémon pixel art, as seen by the Blue Corphish designed and given to Feckyeslife by Docithe. Outside of Minecraft, she is an amateur novelist who regularly participates in National Novel Writing Month.

Famous Quotes

  • "YES I am a girl!"
  • "Screw this. I have 2000 more words to write."

Server Contributions

Notable Bans


  • Feckyeslife is engaged to Docithe.
  • Feckyeslife's skin is modeled after "Rinoa Heartily" from the game "Final Fantasy VIII".
  • Feckyeslife owned a shop (Feckyeslife's Super Shoppe) in the Old Badlands Mall.
  • Feckyeslife prefers her name to be capitalized, though in-game it is not. Her account on the new forums reflects that desire as her name is capitalized.
  • Feckyeslife was the first and only to find The Temple of Angerona (Old World).
  • Feckyeslife was the first female Administrator of the MC Badlands

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