Feckyeslife's Super Subway
2011-10-31 16.23.01
The Super Subway

Created on:

October 30, 2011

Opened on:

October 31. 2011

Created by:



Spawn City and Barter Town


-868, 62, 5

Feckyeslife's Super Subway was an in-depth project of Feckyeslife and Docithe to link Spawn City with Barter Town. Although Barter Town has not been officially made a "town", the subway was constructed in hopes of attracting interest to the NPC Village.


The subway was a minecart track that traveled a distance of over 600 blocks. It had powered rails to boost the speed, as well as minecarts that citizens could use if they did not have their own. The track itself passed through a 1 x 3 tunnel which occasionally let in sunlight, passed underwater, and even passed over a ravine.


  • When the tunnel was finished, there was over a stack and a half worth of iron ore recovered just from the tunneling process.
  • The Subway was first opened for usage (at Feckyeslife's discretion) on Halloween of 2011.