Mid January, 2012

Founded by







Take red path from spawn, turn left onto blue

France was a seaside New Badlands town started by AndyFox42 in mid January of 2012. The town of France was located near spawn, and could be reached by following the red path then turning left onto blue. The French borders were marked on all four sides by pillars with signs. France's territory included both large mountains and a vast ocean. The primary residential area was located on a platform that was constructed over the ocean. The mayoral residence was located on another mountain, overlooking the residential area and ocean.


When first founding the town, mayor AndyFox42 wanted to think of an original name. Several players made suggestions, but none of them seemed quite right. Finally, Andy thought up the name "France." While it has been reported that there is a town in Europe named France, this has yet to be proven. Badlands research scientists agree that this is highly unlikely.

France FactsEdit

  • Every block within the French border was hand placed, including the massive platform supporting the residential area.
  • France was a member of the now defunct Squid Nation.
  • French Revolutions were strictly prohibited.


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