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March 25th

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The Retro Badlands Highlands Spawn with Mark3430

gasparic104 is a Builder in the MC Badlands who is usually online in the afternoon or very late at night/morning during the weekends pacific time. She enjoys helping her fellow badlanders and building stuff usually in Avalost. She used to own a small wooden house in the town of Avalost and also a spot in Undercroft Mall. She is quote "the director of phun" in Avalost meaning she must draw in crowds, create fun events, etc. She created the town of Wautoma on July 23, 2012.

gasparic104 enjoys being part of the badlands community. She has made quite a few friends there. People don't know what brought her to the server... it has remained a secret. Every now and again you might hear her spit out a song lyric or two because she often spends her time listening to music while on the badlands. She is more popular for selling things either at her store or roaming around selling things in the MC Badlands for what some people say expensive prices, but most are happy with the savings. gasparic104 became an Officer after 3 unsuccessful applications on April 24, 2013.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "I see... said the blind man"
  • "Life is too long to be unorganized"
  • "go with the flow of life, if you don't like it, your not going with the flow."
  • "I now have coffee, music, and minecraft... every build is now possible!"
  • "I think I may or may not have borked ettt..."
  • "alright, ill have to inform my assistant of a new SUCCESSFUL application!

welcome to wautoma!"

  • "/me flails arms"

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  • gasparic104 was the mayor of Wautoma
  • gasparic104 knows price660,Eldergroan, Bellatrixs99, WolfNom, matt880, Yumedata, and AwsumAlan in real life.
  • Bellatrixs99 is gasparic104's little step sister
  • many people mistake gasparic104 for a boy
  • gasparic104 moved to Avalost shortly after someone found her house in the wilderness
  • In her free time, Gasparic104 also enjoys making texture packs, drawing, and listening to music.
  • gasparic104 likes inviting people to the badlands
  • on 5/5/12 gasparic104 became avalost assistant
  • gasparic104 became VIPDiamond at 2am august 22nd, 2012
  • gasparic104 became an Officer on April 24, 2013.
  • Known for never capitalizing the first part of a sentence.