MC Name



Extra - Senior Citizen

Real Name

Christopher Reiner






Oct. 18 1993

Notable Works


ClearLake, Flight.

Joined Server

June 21, 2011

GiovanniZeko has been a member of the MC Badlands almost since it began. He was promoted to Moderator, but became the first ever member to step down from the post on August 30, 2011, as his availability to execute the role was limited.

In March of 2012, GiovanniZeko was re-promoted to Moderator and now maintains his position once more due to increased player time.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "MY LEGS"

Server ContributionsEdit

  • Thousands of ideas including most of the ideas behind the mob arena. Thanks to Lor who actually built it for me :D
  • Castle Siege, Raised Risk and a few mentionable towns. Clear Lake (first town ever), Flight (city in the air) Etherwood (town in the ground right under Flight)
  • Been here since day one helping everyone out. Very knowledgable about server and its players.


  • GiovanniZeko was the first moderator to step down from the rank.
  • GiovanniZeko had not been seen on the Badlands until early February, 2012. The reasons for this are unclear.

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