A simple, and easy to use economic core. It provides an easy to use API / service for other plugins to utilize to create innovative and new creations like lottery systems, card games, shops, and more. Your imagination is the limit, and iConomy is just plugging in. The MC Badlands discontinued use of Iconomy in mid 2012 after the database it ran on deleted itself because of the large volumes of "money" being distributed to players by dr3whaha. He was later banned after it was revealed he obtained his fortune through an exploit. Iconomy was replaced by the Gold Standard concept and custom economy plugins supporting it.

Commands & PermissionsEdit

[] denotes a Required argument, () is for Optional arguments.

  • /money: Check your balance.
    • Permission:
  • /money [name]Check others balance.
    • Permission:
  • /money help (command)For Help & Information.
    • Permission:
  • /money pay [name] [amount]Send money to others.
    • Permission: iConomy.accounts.remove
  • /money give [name] [amount]Give money.
    • Permission: iConomy.accounts.give
  • /money take [name] [amount]Take money.