Joining during the Old Badlands, Invisiblestamp has been a loyal and active member on the server. He soon brought his two friends tctroz13 and MoNsTaMaN717 to the server. During the Old Badlands, the three of them lived in a wooden hut far from any civilization. After the change to the New Badlands, he and his two friends decided to make a cobble and stone building not too far from spawn. They opened a shop in Feckyeslife's Heartlands Marketplace.

In the 1.2 Badlands, tctroz13 and apple_gran decided to start a town. However they needed more help, so they soon recruited invisiblestamp and polymathe to help. After some debate, it was name Sol, and Invisiblestamp was to be assistant/co-owner of Sol.

When Sol grew to be the biggest town on the server, tctroz13 was banned, and Invisiblestamp became temporary mayor of Sol.

Invisiblestamp also took part in the famous battle in Sol over the crafting table, only to be killed by nnccmm when he turned invisible

You can usually find Invisiblestamp wandering about Sol, or mining for diamonds under his house.