Welcome to the Badlands!

Minecraft Badlands is a Minecraft survival multiplayer (SMP) server hosted in the United States. The community is run by Owners AndyFox42 and Docithe along with an excellent team of Administrators and Officers. The server was originally started on June 19, 2011 by Docithe and AndyFox42 when they became frustrated with the Badmin, the now infamous owner of a server on which they used to play. Many of the original Badlands citizens left the Badmin to join Andy and Doc because they, too, were sick of her antics. The Badlands has changed and evolved significantly since its inception, culminating in its current form: The Neo Badlands.

The Badlands is currently home to about 1000 registered members, around 550 of which are considered "active." The Badlands has players from all time zones, and typically has between 25 and 35 players online during EST evening hours, with 10-20 on at most other times. In January of 2012, the Badlands became a Top 50 server on for the first time, thanks to the overwhelming support of the players.


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The Badlands server offers players multiple worlds and various styles of gameplay.

  • The Badlands is the server's main world. It is a traditional non-PVP survival world where griefing and stealing are forbidden. This world is not routinely regenerated.
  • The Highlands is a creative/freebuild world. This is currently only available to a VIPs and Elite builders.
  • The Netherlands is a a Nether map which is open to all players. This world is regenerated from time to time.
  • The End is also available to players if they find a stronghold. This world is regenerated from time to time.
  • Time Travel worlds are available to our Senior Citizens and special VIP players that have secured access rights. These worlds are like living, interactive museums which allow players to explore various alternate timelines throughout the Badlands' illustrious history.
  • The Skylands world floats high in the air above the Badlands. Unfortunately, access to this world is currently cut off. Badlands scientists are hard at work devising new methods of reaching these unique floating land masses. Rumor has it, they have made some major breakthroughs with this research recently, which they may decide to share with the Badlands community in the near future.

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