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Aerial shot of Newport.

Founded on

July 20, 2011

Founded by





156, 65, 80







Newport was a fast expanding city near from the Original Badlands spawn. Newport was founded by Brian_Beast and I_am_Grinder. It sat on the former location of Clearlake (the first town in the Badlands) and retained a large man-made stone wall around the city. It was split down the middle by the town hall (a large fort), which distinguished a market district and a housing district. It had all of the basic town essentials including: a public mine, a cactus farm, a sugar cane farm, a tree farm, a well, a jail, a melon farm, a nether portal, a hotel, and a hospital.&nbsp

  • Newport aerial 1.8
  • Newport town hall
  • Newport home
  • Newport Hospital
  • Newport Jail
  • Jail inside
  • Newport Hotel
  • Newport Mine (a small portion)
  • Basic Newport shop
  • The tram station exit


  • Newport existed in both the Original Badlands and the Old Badlands. It can still be reached to this day via Time Travel.
  • Newport was the first town to be joined to spawn via a Tram system
  • The market district had plots for sale that nestled into the already formed street and were all 7x7 in size.
  • The housing district had pre-built houses for sale that were customizable.
  • Newport stood on the former location of Clearlake, the oldest town on the server, started just days after the server launch. Although they werevery different, Newport retained the shell and several buildings from Clearlake.
  • Newport was a city in Wales where Brian_Beast was born.
  • Newport was one of the first towns to have a stargate, however after an issue with a farm nearby, the stargate was removed and re-built, bumping it down the list.
  • Newport had the only ice supply in the Original Badlands.
  • Newport only had a hospital added because the wiki previously listed the town as not having one.
  • The Newport jail was been made into an official server jail