Old Badlands Bank
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June 26, 2011

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The Old Badlands Bank was the safe-haven for all valuable items in Old MC Badlands. For players that can afford an account, the Old Badlands Bank offered a secure location for any and all items they deposit.

Layers of SecurityEdit

The Old Badlands Bank offered 100% security. This means that whether it's a regular day at the office or if there are evil NPCs raging around, blowing things up, killing people, and setting things on fire, your valuables will be safe. In the unlikely event that anything is actually stolen from the bank (see below), accurate paper logs are kept, so all of your items will be returned to you regardless.


  • A bank account at the Old Badlands Bank used to cost $10,000.
  • After VIPs were given the ability to teleport, the vault was moved from it's previous location under the Old Badlands Bank to an undisclosed location. The old vault was then unlocked and available for players to view if they so desired.
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The old Old Badlands Bank vault, located under the bank itself.

  • There has never been a successful robbery of the Old Badlands Bank, but there have been countless attempts.
  • The roses outside of the bank were griefed and replaced on a regular basis. Why? Who knows.
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Long shot of the Old Badlands Bank.