Old Badlands Mall
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Shopping District

The Badlands Mall was a shopping complex located in the Shopping District of the old MC Badlands. It was owned by Docithe, however it was made up of many stores owned by other players. The mall had two floors. The lower level of stores was more expensive to purchase ($4,000) as opposed to the upper level ($2,000). The Old Badlands Mall was lost in the conversion to New MC Badlands on September 17, 2011.


  • The Badlands Mall was built over the area you can see in the banner of the MC Badlands Website.
  • The shops in the Badlands Mall before the conversion to New MC Badlands were:
    • First Floor:
      • Feckyeslife's Super Shoppe
      • Zippy's 24/7
      • ls3050 Shop
      • Trickster's Soup Kitchen & General Store
      • Krakenarrior's Shop of Misc!
      • For Sale
      • For Sale
      • For Sale
    • Second Floor:
      • Letcher's Pixel Art Shop
      • Fun Times
      • Random 24/7
      • Docithe's Shop of Weird Items
      • Liberatus20's Skeletal Goods
      • BNG
      • For Sale
      • For Sale