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20th of July, 1991

Town affiliation

Mayor of Chrono

Special ranks

High General of the Badlands Infantry Corpus

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Merger Era

Phlowzer has been part of the MC Badlands since Shark Tank owner Iaccidentally and MC Badlands owner AndyFox42 decided to merge their servers into what is today known as MC Badlands. Although he was VIP Iron at first, soon he was, thanks to his high deduction skills, fluent English, excellent manners and much patience and reason, promoted to the rank of Moderator.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "I came here to swing my Ban Hammer and chew bubblegum.. And I'm all out of bubblegum."
  • "So, how about it then?"

Server ContributionsEdit

Notable BansEdit


  • He is one of the few refuges who, together with Iaccidentally, RainbowZeppelin, Loople_Doo, Tazyload and some others, escaped from a server which was terrorized by the one called "The Badmin".
  • He worked on the "Blood Diamonds" case, helping to solve how the culprit managed to obtain more then 10,000 Diamonds and Diamond blocks.
  • His skin is Serge, the "silent" protagonist from the Play Station game "Chrono Cross". With this skin he managed to improve his building skills and raise his fame on the server.
  • He is sometimes referred to as "Flowerz"
  • On April 1st, bought Yorktown for $175,000 and renamed it to Eryxia. Work has been done on it with a couple of friends since then.