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Real Name

Logan Carter




July 9, 1993



Notable Works



Joined Server

October 17, 2011

rainbowZeppelin is an Ex-Administrator who was originally from the Shark Tank server. He had been a staff member since April 2011 on an older server where he and a few others from Shark Tank came from, but was not a staff member of MC Badlands until November, 2011. He is currently going to college and working at a dining center, and thus doesn't have much time to be on the server, even though he'd like to be on more.

As of February 8, 2012, he stepped down from the Administrator rank because he had been busy and hadn't been on the server. He enjoys goofing around with all players and making inside jokes. He can sometimes come off as insulting to others, even though he is usually just joking around. It is hard for him to turn off his cutting sarcasm.

On April 27th, 2012, rainbowZeppelin was banned for a period of three days by Docithe and AndyFox42 for excessive negativity and causing drama on the server.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "MAPS"
  • "A tree can't go there!"


  • rainbowZeppelin loves MSPaint Adventures.
  • rainbowZeppelin didn't come up with his name. He saw the combination of the words in a name generator online and liked it, so it stuck.

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