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RocketPSI was one of the early members of the original Badlands server. He made a name for himself almost immediately. Rocket was not involved in the same type of drama as the "Major llamas" of his era, such as SafetyMoose or Friendcool99 . Rather, Rocket tended to make a nuisance of himself by constantly attempting to get special treatment. At the time there were only two Admins on the server (AndyFox42 and Docithe) and Rocket drove both of them crazy on a regular basis. He was known to often ask for promotions, spawned items, changes to the time or weather, teleports, mob spawners, money, and just about anything else one could ever ask for.

RocketPSI was briefly made a moderator (then called "Officer") primarily just to see what would happen. As predicted, he self destructed promptly. The "Rocket administration" was marked by frequent fabrication of new, self-serving rules on the spot and various other incursions. Staff status was revoked after a very short time, prompting almost daily requests for reinstatement.

Famous QuotesEdit

  • "I think telling him my Skype name was one of the stupidest things I have ever done." -AndyFox42 , speaking to Docithe about RocketPSI


  • RocketPSI created a town before he quit.
  • One of the original Badlands rules read "Please do not ask the staff to spawn items, teleport you or your friends, change the time/weather, or promote you to higher positions." This rule was written in an attempt to list all of the things RocketPSI asked for on a regular basis and was briefly referred to as "The Rocket Rule."
  • Rocket briefly reappeared in the Badlands in November of 2011 following his extended absense. He has not been seen since.