A banner that was briefly used in November 2011, demonstrating the merger of the Badlands and Shark Tank servers into one.


The Skark Tank was a minecraft SMP server created by Iaccidentally after his departure from the Badmin's server. During winter of 2011, Iaccidentally set up his own server and began playing there with several of Badmin's players. This new group would sometimes chat using Badmin's Mumble server while playing. Once, Badmin was on the Mumble server while they were doing so. She asked what they were doing, and Iaccidentally stated that they were "breeding sharks." She apparently believed it. As a result, the new server became known as the Shark Tank.

In November of 2011, Iaccidentally began speaking to AndyFox42 and Docithe, themselves refugees of the Badmin's server who had gone on to create the Badlands. The group decided to merge their two servers, and the New Badlands came into existence. Sadly, this merger was not to last. Eventually, the original Badlands staff decided to break away from the Shark Tank leaders, which marked the start of the Neo Badlands era.

Trivia Edit

  • The Shark Tank server was originally going to be known as "FreedomCraft." Shortly after starting the server, Iaccidentally realized that there was already a popular server named FreedomCraft, so the name was scrapped.
  • The web site and server for Shark Tank were originally accessed via the URL While at first glance this appears to be random letters (or perhaps even some mutation of the "F word") it actually did have a significant meaning. the "fc" at thje beginning stood for "FreedomCraft." The "khhq" portion stood for "KHobbit Headquarters." KHobbit is the name of one of the developers of the Essentials plugin, and he agreed to provide the hosting for Iaccidentally's server, thus it was hosted on his personal site domain.