Shopping District
2011-08-16 13.03.21
Aerial shot of the main Shopping District road.


94, 67, -85





Foot Traffic


The Shopping District has existed across all incarnations of the Badlands, making it one of only two landmarks to share this distinction (the other being St. Daniel's Cemetery.) Players can create or buy shops and sell items in this area.

Original Badlands Shopping District ShopsEdit

  • Badlands Mall
  • Colon's Cauldron
  • Legogeek4444's Shop
  • The Masonic Key
  • Mattyice's Minemart
  • The Narwhal Bar
  • Sushi's 24/7
  • UltimateNinja General Store


  • The Shopping District was one of the first locations designed in the Badlands.
  • AndyFox42 had the idea for a shopping district and started to clear the area for it, but it was Docithe who created the main road and took over development. The shopping district has been a project shared by Docithe and feckyeslife ever since, across all Badlands maps and generations.
  • The first shopping district was created on June 20, 2011.
  • The single-road layout of the Original Badlands era shopping district was originally created to connect the road to Newbville.
  • The first shop to be created in a shopping district was built by kld9303, also known as UltimateNinja16.