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Secret Agent Tex

MC Name



Tex, "Occifer Texasguy," "Alaska"


Administrator, Lieutenant Junior Grade (MCB Roleplay)

Real Name





~184,000 hours


Janurary 28, Some time in the mid '90s

Notable Works



Caretaker of Avalost (formerly)

Mercenary/War Profiteer

Joined Server

November 26, 2011

Tex215 (usually called/refered to as Tex) is an Administrator on the MC Badlands. He is a resident and former Mayor of the town of Avalost.

Tex215 has served aboard the MCB-01 and its successor, the MCB-02, as a science officer, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. He maintained a residence on the property formerly owned by Avalost. Tex215 has historically shown signs of addictiveness to MCBadlands, and has been observed by himself and others to have a rather un-healthy large amount of patience for gameplay on the server.

He is the older brother of Ozone432. It has been noted that Tex215 has never publicly revealed his age to the server, though most of his closer friends on the server know, and most of the general population can make an educated guess anyways.

Tex215 generally enjoys manufacturing items for sale to other players. His sales pitch usually includes how much better his products are than most others, such as his "Avalost-manufactured" splash poison vials, which, despite being normal Extend Splash Potions of Poison, are notably more potent than most other products players find on the server.

On April 24th, 2013, Tex, along with Coastergeek, was promoted to Officer after approximately 3 attempts previously. Within 1 second of being promoted, the server crashed.

On November 13, 2015, Tex was promoted to the rank of Administrator during the first ever Badlands Server-wide meeting.

Notable WorksEdit

Tex215 was either associated with, or one of the masterminds behind every major project in Avalost. He also likes to assist with server projects from time to time, such as helping out with building Minehattan in the early days of the 1.2 update, and participating in the set building for the Badlands Movie: Retro. Some of his notable projects include:

  • Avalost Courtyard
  • Avalost Manor District
  • Avalost-Spawn Railway Route
  • Test Server Derp Crater
    2012-12-16 19.27.48

    The Tex215 Derp Crater. Created as a result of Tex215's inept and careless worldedit antics. Officially, NN's fault.

  • Neo Badlands Server Town

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Doc, will you be my companion cube?"
  • "Now let me tell you why that's bullshit."


  • Tex215's favorite block is nether brick.
  • Despite being named Tex, he claims he is not made in, from, or the byproduct of Texas.