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The_Bandit_Dynasty Castle


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The_Bandit_Dynasty is a town that prides itself on excellent leadership, excellent members, and most importantly: NO PLOTS!

Bandit dynasty2


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One of the Dynasty's hotels

Cordestian (previously known as liberatus20) joined The Badlands just wanting to build a castle that he'd just seen on a lp series on youtube. He built the castle and found that his least favorite player, RocketPSI, was planning on making a castle into a town. Cordestian made his castle a town first, thus driving RocketPSI away from the server.

The town quickly gained 25 members within 1 day and the majority of the members that joined were potential members of other towns on the server.

At the time there were no warps, nor was anyone allowed to /tp anyone anywhere. To get members to the town Cordestian had to guide players to it, through the 10 minute walk from spawn.

Through several map changes The_Dynasty has been pasted, improved, re-pasted, and improved further. On the current map the town was not pasted in, but simply rebuilt all together.


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The dynasty's wall.

The_Bandit_Dynasty is perhaps one of the more unique towns in the Badlands as it is completely against assigning plots. It has a role playing theme. Although you're not required to take part in role play in the town, many members are put through a trial before being allowed to join.

Current amenities include: two sets of walls that keep outsiders out and give the residents a clear area in which to build. Resident Farms: a reed farm, a melon/pumpkin farm, a cacti farm, a tree farm, a cobble farm, a fish farm, a mob grinder, an xp farm, a beef/leather farm, a feather/chicken/egg farm, and a public mine. Those that are able will have an alternate automatic farm option.


#1 Follow all server rules.

#2 DO NOT build within 10 blocks from the roads / walls, or within 50 blocks of any other structure.

#3 Make your house looks nice. NO BOX HUTS. This means use different materials, and a good style. Please try to make it fit with a castle theme. Any homes that looks unappealing may be subject to change by dannyprkr. Any homes that are in bad locations may be subject to movement by Cordestian

#4 You may only have a wheat farm in or close to your house. Every other farm (not counting netherwart) is taken care of as Town Farms outside the walls to the left of the castle.

#5 The farms are for Residents only.

#6 Try to keep your house small. Don't dig too far under your house. Your house can be fairly large above the ground, try not to make it bigger than the Castle at the warp location.


  • The_Bandit_Dynasty was originally named The_Mod_Dynasty.
  • The_Bandit_Dynasty was first made just before Cordestian got promoted to the Moderator rank.
  • The_Bandit_Dynasty is the only town that does not assign plots, and it is one of the larger towns on the server.