The Lost City
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Fountain at the center of The Lost City.

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The Lost City was a city located far away from spawn and any other populated areas. The are only a select few people that have seen the city in person, but those who have will never forget it. It is believed to have existed during the Original Badlands era.

Legends and CluesEdit

Rumors started around August 08, 2011 of a city that had been found by Docithe in a distant area. This was an abandoned city inhabited by NPCs. Docithe got a new society started, and The Lost City was the best place in the Badlands to find cheap rare items and be healed for free. It has also been said that any who ventured to and found The Lost City successfully were offered free housing there.


  • The Lost City was home to the largest hotel in the Original Badlands, holding almost 50 separate rooms.
  • The Lost City's NPCs, buildings, and location were all heavily influenced by the TV show Star Trek: Voyager.
  • This city was created on August 08, 2011 by Docithe. Stories of its mysterious past were merely circulated to attract citizens. The Lost City did, however, house many cheap rare items, free housing, and free healing.
2011-08-14 03.07.01

The "Tuvok Hotel" located in The Lost City.

2011-09-11 19.54.02

Feckyeslife's Ready Room

2011-09-11 19.54.57

Docithe's Abode

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