The Sky Temple
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August 18, 2011

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The Skylands (Old Badlands)

The Skytemple was one of the Badlands' Legends. It was anywhere in the Skylands, and could only be found by VIPs and up back then.

The legendEdit

A long time ago, there was a nation, living in the Skylands. They idolized a god named Lorxion, and built big, wonderful temples for him.

One day strange, mean creatures appeared in the Skylands and started attacking this nation. The people of the nation defended themselves with all patience but at last the creatures, which they called "Gabbas" (today maybe known as "Ghasts"), exterminated the nation.

Only one temple was left intact but nobody ever found it.

Once a man was close finding it by following the traces of the lost nation; however before reaching it he was pushed off by the mean creatures and died on the ground behind the Skybridge, near a house with a sign on it: "Lorx' winter residence".