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Aerial view of Undertow.

Discovered on

September 19, 2011

Town Status

October 16, 2011

Discovered by





-3852, 72, 19



Avail. Housing


Undertow was a town containing three separate areas (two NPC villages and a castle) which was discovered by Charrlee88 while on the same trek across the Badlands that resulted in finding Barter Town. The village of Undertow was the second NPC Village to be discovered in MC Badlands.


  • The owner of Undertow, Charrlee88, also discovered the first NPC Village on MC Badlands, Barter Town.
  • One of the houses in Undertow had a glitched door, several blocks above the surface. A staircase had to be constructed to reach it.
  • Undertow was home to the tallest structure in the Old Badlands, the McCarthy Tower, which was built out of cobblestone by mccarthyjustin2.
  • Only Charrlee88 and mccarthyjustin2 resided in Undertow, but a house was also constructed for Docithe.
  • The wall around the main area of Undertow was built in one day by mccarthyjustin2, an avid Cobblestone enthusiast.
  • The two NPC villages of Undertow were connected by a railway.
  • The McCarthy Tower built by mccarthyjustin2 in Undertow. It is the tallest standing structure in the MC Badlands.
  • Aerial view of Undertow. This picture is outdated.
  • An aerial view of Undertow when it was first discovered.